IVM Vending Management: We Solve Problems

One source. Complete access to better pricing, service, cash management and commissions.

IVM advanced internal technology and software gives you total control over your vending program, providing turnkey service, better commissions, rigorous cash accountability and a more profitable system…and we make it seem effortless. No other vending management specialist has a more complete, proven program for turning your vending system into a beautifully managed employee benefit.

  • Hit the Ground Running, Profitably: Our implementation system is a proven process. Using your existing equipment allows us to start improving your profitability almost immediately.
  • Turnkey Management:   We do it all: Contracts, vendors, service and accounting. We make low-maintenance, high benefit vending virtually effortless for you.
  • Progressive Tech Support:   Our technicians are the best in the field and receive ongoing training on advances in equipment and software.
  • Continuous Service:   It’s people that power the excellence of IVM. We respond to service needs within 24 hours, providing uninterrupted, quality service without the frustrations of downtime.
  • Coffee to Go:   Leverage the volume of a corporate coffee client base to get your coffee up and pouring without the hassle of management and negotiation from location to location.
  • Custom Brand Power:   Let us custom brand your unit and turn your vending space into a powerful marketing messenger and employee motivational tool.
  • Healthy Choices Program:   Keep on trend with the demand for healthier snack choices and provide your employees with a more nutritious vending selection.
  • Energy Conservation Programs:   IVM technology helps you minimize the costs associated with operating your machine and run a greener, energy efficient program
  • Best Pricing:   IVM is an experienced, connected advocate, ensuring that you get
    the best prices on all products and vending equipment.
  • Liability:   IVM technicians and our vendors are fully insured to protect you while on
    your premises.
  • Contract Negotiations:   Our vendor relationships pay off! Our partner network means better commissions on your contracts.

Vendor Relations: More than likely, we are already working with your vendors and in most cases, you can enjoy better commissions by virtue of our relationships. Our experience and pricing knowledge gives you a tremendous advantage in your negotiations.