Heathy Choice Programs

Do you want to offer healthier options for employees and passersby in your vending machines? IVM provides great choices for vendors interested in healthful foods and beverages. With our Healthy Choice option, our vending service provides a certain percentage of “healthy choice” snacks alongside regular items in the vending machine. This percentage is determined by each client individually and is customizable.

How Does It Work?

Items that fall within the “healthy choice” category are identified as such through tagging within the machine. This allows the point of sale vendor to place them on the machine and load each machine uniformly. It also creates a clean, orderly look to the overall display.

Each machine tracks sales the same as our ordinary vending machines and come with the same excellent service and repair 24/7. Also, the Healthy Choice option includes our standard management reporting that supplies each client with instant access to data regarding itemized sales and documentation for taxes and audits.

What’s Involved?

Since IVM provides everything you need to get started with a vending system, there’s little time or effort required to install and maintain a Healthy Choice vending machine in any setting. We can implement services in an existing machine or provide you with new top of the line equipment. No matter where your business is at, we can get you set up with a great, managed vending system.

How to Begin Service

Starting Healthy Choice vending services is a straight forward and simple process. Contact IVM directly (via phone or online) to discuss your specific vending needs. We are happy to offer reliable service with response to machine malfunctions within 24 hours. This keeps your machines up and running on a continual basis and allows minimum down time for consumers.

IVM runs under a turnkey style of management, covering every aspect of your vending experience from the initial order and setup to repairs and stocking. We even offer discounted pricing through stock vendors due to our ongoing good relations with a variety of distributors. No matter what aspect of the vending process your business needs help with, IVM has the tools to get your vending machines up and running, stocked with healthy food choices.

If you’re interested in beginning Healthy Choice services with IVM, or any of our other vending services, call us today! We can answer any questions you may have and provide an accurate cost estimate.