Bulk Vending

The most classic vending machine style is the bulk vendor. These have been around for decades, and were first highlighted in soda shops in the 1950s. Bulk vendors are small, gumball style machines where you put in a quarter to receive a handful of goodies, whether they are gumballs, other types of candy, peanuts, or anything else. So long as the product is small, anything can be put in these machines to be dispensed.

How Does It Work?

Bulk vending machines have the convenience of fitting just about anywhere. These machines are small enough to be put in a corner in the break room or along a hallway, and they won’t cause any traffic issues. The real question is how many do you want? Multiple bulk vendors are easy to place, and since IVM offers turnkey management, we refill stock within the machine and perform any maintenance or repairs as needed.

Since these are much smaller mechanisms that only provide one product per machine, there isn’t an integrated system to track the individual sales like our larger vending machines. However, the popularity of a particular product is easily determined by how quickly and how often the machine needs to be refilled.

What’s Involved?

Having smaller machines that are still maintained by IVM means the bulk vendors are even less of a hassle than their larger counterparts. Once they’ve been ordered, you can basically forget about them. That’s the beauty of the IVM management system.

How to Begin Service

Setting up bulk vendor services couldn’t be simpler. Give IVM a call to clarify your exact needs, and we’ll begin the paperwork. We provide trustworthy service with rapid response to machine concerns within 24 hours. This preserves your machines and keeps them functioning on a steady basis, providing a minimum amount of machine down time.

With IVM’s turnkey management style guiding every aspect of your vending experience from the original order and plan to care and repairs, it’s no wonder so many people depend on IVM to fulfill their vending machine needs. We also offer discounted pricing for vending machine stock with outside vendors through our continuing relationships with many different suppliers. Regardless of what part of the vending process you’re assessing in respect to your business, IVM has the ability to initiate a bulk vendor selection or acquire any other vending service you might be interested in and have it well-stocked promptly.

If you’re interested in beginning bulk vending services with IVM, or any of our other vending services, call today! We are pleased to respond to all of your concerns and supply an accurate cost estimate.