Vending Management Services

Vending Management Services
Interactive technology has transformed so many industries in the past few years – it might surprise you to know how dramatically it has impacted food and beverage vending solutions at IVM. We stay on the cutting edge of integrating these technologies for faster re-stock, more relevant product choices, and overall improved service to our clients.

We have Vending Management Services to monitor and standardize programs across multiple locations and we use our buying power to negotiate the best prices, menus, commissions and rebates. IVM can even address healthy menu concerns and energy conservation requirements.

Our capabilities give us immediate access to monthly sales reports while yielding more timely and accurate commission payments for our clients. At IVM, we keep your food and beverage vending programs in step with both company fiscal needs and employee tastes and preferences.

  • IVM offers vending management programs to companies with multiple remote locations that provides a food and beverage vending solution that is monitored and standardized across all locations.
  • We negotiate with local vending operators on a location-by-location basis to enhance vending menus, prices, commissions, and rebates.
  • We can assist you to implement corporate-wide healthy choice menus and energy conservation programs.
  • We provide ongoing monitoring of all vending activity across all locations to include sales reporting, commission payment timeliness and accuracy, and all service related issues.

Almost every company with multiple locations has one common problem, managing the snack and beverage vending machines in their buildings. IVM’s vending management system can remove that problem by consolidating all your vending services into one point of contact, IVM. Our vending services will improve your service, consolidate reporting, make your employees happier and provide more revenue to you from your vending machines.

How does IVM improve vending management? First we will perform in-depth analysis of your current vending in all of your locations. Next we utilize our vast experience to provide a clear understanding of the profit margins you should expect in each location. We then negotiate the most beneficial terms with your vendors on your behalf. We provide recommendations on ways to enhance your vending operations to maximize efficiency. Finally we establish specific review procedures to make certain you receive what has been agree to.

A few special services that IVM’s vending solution provides:

  • HEALTHY VENDING CHOICES PROGRAM: With the demand for healthier snack choices IVM can see to it that your employees have nutritious vending selections.
  • ENERGY CONSERVATION PROGRAMS: IVM technology helps you minimize the costs associated with operating your machine and run a greener, energy efficient program.
  • BEST PRICING & INCREASED PROFIT: IVM is an experienced, connected advocate, ensuring that you get the best prices which keeps your employees paying fair prices and still provides increase revenue to your bottom line.
  • LIABILITY: IVM technicians and our vendors are fully insured to protect you while on your premises.
  • Contract Negotiations: Our vendor relationships pay off! Our partner network means better commissions on your contracts.
  • VENDOR RELATION: More than likely, we are already working with your vendors and in most cases, you can enjoy better commissions by virtue of our relationships. Our experience and pricing knowledge gives you a tremendous advantage in your negotiations.

International Vending Management’s 20 years of experience in vending management assures better vending services, healthier product selection, clear concise reporting, and an increase in revenue.