Case Study – Kohl’s Department Stores

Company Overview

Kohl’s Corporation is one of the largest discount department store chains in the United States, with more than 1,100 outlets in 50 states. Targeting middle-income shoppers buying for their families and homes, the chain maintains low retail prices through a low cost structure, limited staffing, and progressive management information systems, as well as the economical application of centralized buying, distribution, and advertising. This concept has proven successful in both small and large markets, and in strip shopping centers, regional malls, and freestanding venues.


  • Set Up a traditional snack and beverage vending program for all of their stores
  • The vending program had to be consistent within all stores
  • Lowest vend price available as an employee benefit
  • Construct Healthy Choice Program
  • Improve service issues with all vending equipment
  • Reported revenue from all locations

The IVM Vending Solution

IVM partners and manages various authorized vending operators across the country to provide excellence in vending services to Kohl’s Stores. Our oversight and management makes it possible for all stores to enjoy a vending program that provides a consistent level of quality in product selection, service, and pricing across the stores.  IVM also assisted the Kohl’s Associate Experience committee to build a Healthy Choice program that would identify and label 25% of food choices to be recognized as healthy items. The Kohl’s internal service oriented database is monitored by IVM ensuring that all service needs and concerns are addressed promptly and according to Kohl’s corporate guidelines.  IVM also configures specific monthly revenue reports for all stores and forwards them on a regular basis to Kohl’s corporate office.

Key Business Results

  • All locations have the exact same vending program installed at all locations
  • Pricing and product selection are based on the premise that vending is an employee benefit and not an income source for Kohl’s
  • Communication between IVM and all stores results in positive associate satisfaction
  • All service issues are resolved at all stores in less than two (2) business days
  • Kohl’s corporate office is able to review sales revenue from all locations on monthly basis