Case Study – Covenant Dove LLC

Company Overview

Covenant Dove and its affiliates operate 48 skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), with almost 5,000 beds in 11 states. Covenant Dove partners with over 5,000 employees, independent physicians, contractors, suppliers, vendors and consultants to provide skilled nursing, assisted living, dementia care and rehabilitation services to its patients throughout the system.


  • All locations were providing location owned and managed vending programs
  • Repetitive machine malfunctions
  • Continuous out of stock items in machines
  • Additional costs for machine maintenance
  • Too much time was being spent by employees to service and order all products

The IVM Vending Solution

IVM was able to negotiate the selling of all Covenant Dove owned vending equipment thus generating significant income for Covenant Dove.  Contracting regional vending companies, IVM has set up traditional snack and beverage vending programs in all locations to provide location specific/tailored vending programs.

Key Business Results

  • Covenant Dove has immediately benefited from a successfully managed vending program that generates vending commissions from all vending sales revenue
  • Professional vending companies have installed new vending equipment at all facilities
  • Machine malfunctions and out of service issues have been virtually eliminated and are promptly resolved
  • Employee productivity has been greatly increased resulting in improved patient care
  • The vending experience has been enhanced for patients, visitors and associates thus increasing sales revenue and commissions to Covenant Dove