Why You Should Use a 3rd Party Company to Help With Reporting

Traditionally, vending machine reporting was done in house with micromanagement-style logging of purchases and trends. This proved to be very time consuming and a waste of employee ability. These employees could be used more effectively in other areas of a business.

Enter IVM. With a turnkey management system, everything is handled for you. Our machines automatically track each purchase and collate the retrieved information into digestible chunks, providing the necessary data to make informed decisions about what to stock within the machine. So, what are some of the major reasons to opt for a 3rd party vendor reporting system versus the traditional model?

3rd Party Reporting Benefits

  • With a 3rd party vending management system, all the numbers and important facts are quickly accessible by computer. The data is pulledUntitled design (71) directly from the machine and can be accessed anytime, day or night. This also allows quick updates to IVM when there’s a malfunction with a machine. With our turnkey style management, that means having a technician out to fix the problem within 24 hours.
  • Paperwork simplified. In the digital age, so much paper is saved. The same is true with our reporting system. Environmental friendliness and easy access makes audits and taxes quick and efficient. Keeping paper and environment costs down is just another benefit of the IVM reporting process. This also provides simplified invoices and billing for vendors.
  • Comprehensive support. By trusting IVM with not just the physical machine, but also with the data reporting and repair of the machine, a comprehensive and elite level of service is established. Also, we are happy to include access to our existing relationships with many vendors, which creates a networked gateway to better pricing on the items with which your machine is stocked.

Whether it’s an ordinary snack machine, a technological hardware machine, or a laundry machine, IVM has what it takes to make your vending service profitable, efficient, and low maintenance. Employing the full circle of products and services available through IVM provides a strong foundation for future relations with vendors and customers alike, allowing your business to remain secure in the knowledge that every detail is in its proper place.

For ease of use and access, consider IVM for all your vending machine reporting needs. We offer great pricing, unbeatable customer service and repair, stable data accounting, and a full suite of other advantages. Making your business profitable and high functioning is our top priority.